New class opens for students with ASD in St Dominic’s NS
The Willow Tree Class at St Dominic’s National School

New class opens for students with ASD in St Dominic’s NS

A NEW ASD class for children with autism has opened in St Dominic’s National School in Tallaght.

Named Willow Tree, the new ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) class will provide children attending mainstream school with additional supports throughout the school day.

Speaking with The Echo this week, Principal Seamus Vaughan said: “We are very excited about our new class, we have seen so much work done by staff to prepare for it over the last few months.

“Our ASD class teacher, Ann Brennan, has done wonderful preparation for the new class and has ensured we have some wonderful resources for the pupils.

“Our two SNAs, Catherine Brady and Martina Hickey, have worked closely with the class teacher to make our new class a welcoming and supportive learning environment.”

Alongside creating a new ASD classroom, the team at St Dominic’s also purchased outdoor play equipment to kit an accompanying, outdoor Astro area.

“We have six fantastic children enrolled in the new class which will ensure the pupils can receive the appropriate support they need throughout the day,” Principal Vaughan said.

“This would be much more difficult to achieve in a mainstream class setting.

“It is a wonderful opportunity for these children who will now have access to excellent support to help them on their education journey.

“Our new class has been wonderfully supported by staff, parents and pupils.

“We had many staff who expressed an interest in working with the new class –teachers and SNAs alike have expressed a real commitment to supporting children with additional needs.”

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