New system will deliver ‘seamless’ patient services
Dr Jason Carty (left), ED Consultant & Chief Clinical Information Centre, with Jiby Joy, CNM in the Emergency Department

New system will deliver ‘seamless’ patient services

TALLAGHT University Hospital has introduced a new electronic patient record system which, replacing the existing paper-based records and processes, is the first step in delivering a “truly connected, seamless health service”.

Branded by the hospital as one of the ‘most significant’ changes it has introduced in its 23 years, the new Synergy electronic patient record system has been years in planning.

According to the hospital, Synergy has replaced some of TUH’s legacy end-of-life ICT systems and existing paper-based records and processes.

The new system will enable staff to access a ‘single, reliable and integrated source of clinical information’ containing relevant patient details such as test results, medications, discharge summaries and other information associated with a person’s care.

According to Trevor O’Callaghan, CEO of the Dublin Midland Hospital Group, which includes TUH, the implementation of the new system at Tallaght will mean that the health records of patients are available instantly to those providing care.

“Increased efficiencies mean patients will wait less time for their diagnoses, treatments and care,” Mr O’Callaghan said.

Faced with challenges around the sustainability of an ever-increasing paper record and end-of-life ICT systems, TUH has been working on the implementation of Synergy for some time.

The electronic patient records is only phase one of the new interfaced Synergy programme which, utilising some of the existing ICT systems in place, will be further enhanced, with planning already underway for phase two and three.

There is also the potential for Synergy to be accessible within the community for GPs and services such as the onsite HSE mental health service, which would enable ‘system-wide trans-formation and the delivery of truly integrated care’.

David Wall, Chief Information Officer for TUH, said after the Synergy launch: “TUH staff have approached the implementation of Synergy with energy, commitment and focus which has directly contributed to the success of the programme in what is an ever-changing and challenging healthcare environment.”

According to Lucy Nugent, TUH CEO, Synergy will improve the hospital’s service delivery, clinical processes, informatics capabilities and workflow efficiencies, improving patient outcomes.

“Synergy will improve delivery, safety and quality of health care for all our patients through better access to information while protecting privacy and confidentiality of all information,” she said.

“It will provide a flexible and integrated process of care, and, using an evidence-based approach, improve overall management of health resources and services across our hospital.”

To date more than 2,079 TUH staff are trained on Synergy, with 125 handheld devices deployed – following the delivery of more than 7,800 hours of classroom and online-based training.

Mr O’Callaghan also said that investment in new technology that will benefit patient care and experience is “fundamental to our strategic priorities”.

“We are delighted to support Tallaght University Hospital as they enter into a new phase of healthcare supported by advances in technology and driven by their determination to deliver high quality patient care,” he said.

“The implementation of this system will mean patient health records are available instantly to those caring for a patient.

“Increased efficiencies mean patients will wait less time for their diagnoses, treatments and care.

“We are very excited to see the next phase of this innovative solution and the potential for it to support community integration and the delivery of a truly connected, seamless health service for our patients,” concluded Mr O’Callaghan.