Old ‘Lucanians’ sought for compilations of memories
St Finian's headstones

Old ‘Lucanians’ sought for compilations of memories

OLD ‘Lucanians’ who are residents with memories of St Finian’s church and graveyard, are being sought for a local project.

The Society for Old Lucan (SOL) received funding from the Heritage Council under the Community Grant Scheme for 2022 and intend to compile old memories from residents on September 23.

Part of the grant covers gathering locals’ memories of the old graveyards of Lucan, to create an eBook, for posterity. All contributions are welcome, big, or small.

The project is being directed by archaeologist John Tierney of Eachtra who directs the Historic Graves Project in tandem with the Society for Old Lucan team.

Email john@eachtra.ie and he will contact residents directly about the eBook process.

John will be recording resident’s memories on September 23, at St Finian’s church, Esker.

The project builds on the excellent transcription work done by a group of SOL members during 2020 and 2021.

People unable to attend the workshop will still be able to submit their stories in written, audio or video format.

Meanwhile, recently installed railings at St Finian’s medieval church and graveyard, are among the new changes that have improved visits to the site.

As part of the restorative work, the floor area at the front of the vault was cleared, revealing steps that originally lead into the vault.

This is where two new headstones were discovered.

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