President unveils ‘The Book of Climate Bells’ sculpture in Esker ETNS

President unveils ‘The Book of Climate Bells’ sculpture in Esker ETNS

By Brittany King

A SCULPTURE, created by Vivienne Roche, was unveiled at the Esker ETNS School by President, Michael D Higgins, on Monday, November 20.

The president was welcomed to the school by a flag-waving guard of honour, consisting of 430 children and 40 staff members, together with a large gathering of members of the Esker school community.

President Higgins at Esker 12

The sculpture, entitled “The Book of Climate Bells,” addresses the challenges future generations will face due to climate change, through the five individually designed bronze bells revealed on an opened, stainless steel book, standing two metres tall.

The bell, in ancient times, was a symbol for a call to action in times of danger and times of celebration.

During his stay, the president spoke with members of the Green School’s Committee and examined the presentations about climate change created by the children.

The president complimented Vivienne’s sculpture before commenting that the bells will serve as a reminder to the people of possibilities and responsibilities.

“We are the caretakers of our environment. The opportunities we have now are not just something tedious, but something very necessary. We have to be able to take risks and turn our words into consequences. The message will be ringing out here in Lucan,” the president said.

The ceremony concluded with the performance of the school song, “What a Wonderful World,” before the president departed to great applause.

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