Resident concerns over the location of ESB substation

Resident concerns over the location of ESB substation

By Mary Dennehy

A RESIDENT living in Killinarden has expressed her concerns over the placement of a new substation, which has been erected to service a new council-built housing estate across from her home.

As the pictures show, the new substation has been planted directly opposite Claire Casey’s home, which she believes shows no consideration for current homeowners.

Pg 16 Killinarden substation 2 with green space

The substation photographed from the second floor of Claire's home 

In an email to South Dublin County Council officials and local councillors, Claire said: “The substation has been placed adjacent to my home.

“The position of this is highly obtrusive and by no means was careful consideration taken when choosing this location.”

Claire has referenced ESB’s Visual Guidelines (2014) for the installation of substations, which she claims the location of this new substation goes against.

As pointed out by Claire, The Visual Guidelines state – choose an unobtrusive site; integrate substation into a surrounding garden wall; and a free standing site in open space is unacceptable.

Claire provided the council with an example of an ‘unobtrusive’ substation, which was recently fitted into a wall in Brookfield.

“Why was this not replicated on this build?” Claire has asked the council.

brookfield substation

The ‘unobtrusive’ substation in Brookfield that Claire alerted the council to 

She also believes that the location poses some “major health and safety factors”, including children climbing the box and vandalism. 

“There was no consideration whatsoever for current homeowners”, Claire said.

“Why place this substation adjacent to an original building when this substation is to service the new builds?

“Also, there was absolutely nothing on the original plans showing this obtrusive object.”

Claire has also questioned the layout of the green space promised as part of the development, which slopes upwards and is “not at a safe level for children to play on”.

She has offered to meet with all parties involved on site to come up with a solution, which could help identify a “less obtrusive” area for the substation and lower the green space “as per original plans”.

No planning permission required for substations 

When contacted by The Echo, South Dublin County Council said: “The council is aware of the location of this new substation.

“The ESB do not require planning permission to locate a substation.

“The location of the substation is usually constrained by the location of the ESB supply.”

However, the council confirmed that it is engaging with the contractor and design team to see if there are any other options available for the substation.

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