Resource Centre challenged by failure to get renewal of lease

Resource Centre challenged by failure to get renewal of lease

By Maurice Garvey

THE Quarryvale Family Resource Centre (QFRC) are facing a logistical challenge to continue their services to the community, after efforts to renew their lease proved unsuccessful.

The centre, which provides a wide range of preventative and early intervention services to strengthen the local community, was established in 2002, as part of the national FRC network.

Quarry Vale family resource centre 2

Located in a building which is half-owned by South Dublin County Council (the community centre side) and half privately owned (where QFRC were located), the group have faced an uncertain future since finding their 10-year lease was not being renewed three years ago.

At the time, the council sent the group a notice to quit, but the QFRC committee say they secured money and tried to engage landlord Dermot Evans with a new lease to no avail.

Maria Flynn, Chair QFRC Managing Committee, said: “The FRC are prepared to pay a lease but the fact is, we can’t get a lease. When we got a notice to quit from the council, we said we are not going. This caused all sorts of upset, with staff on protective notice.

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“The council sent a letter saying they were not paying the lease (thought to be €15k annually), and for us to negotiate with the landlord. While we stay here, the council are obliged to pay rent, but the landlord won’t give us a lease. We intend to move into the community centre, but one thing to lose out will be the bingo group.”

Karin Jonsson, Manager QFRC said the group will “not be losing services thanks to the generous offer of the community centre,” but admits there will be logistical challenges moving the operation to a new location.

Mrs Jonsson said: “The intention is to make the best out of this, even though it creates uncertainties. We will be rearranging all services, electricity, plumbing, phone lines, IT. That will add cost, and it takes time but we haven’t got much time.

“There are activities running throughout summer, but in September, lots of courses will start, so we have to hit the ground running. The pre-school is not affected. We are looking forward to people coming in, even though we have moved around the corner. A lot of the services we provide are to help people before things get out of hand – we try to support and improve people’s lives.”

South Dublin County Council did not respond to The Echo at the time of going to print.

Dermot Evans is currently away on holidays, and could not be reached.

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