Samantha proud to win  another Ms Ireland crown
Samantha Nicholl after winning the Ms Ireland Classic

Samantha proud to win another Ms Ireland crown

TALLAGHT woman Samantha Nicholl has added another achievement to her name after she was crowned the first-ever Ms Ireland Classic at a national event.

Living in Killinarden, Samantha (42) has proudly represented her hometown over the years in a number of national pageants, promoting her area as Ms Tallaght.

A previous Ms Ireland winner, Samantha is also an energetic advocate for volunteering, helping different Tallaght-based groups and supporting charity and fundraising events.

For Samantha, the Ms Ireland competition has always been more than a sash and she has represented her community, both on stage and through volunteering.

After a busy few years, Samantha decided in 2018 to take a step back from the pageant scene.

However, after a challenging 2020, which impacted on Samantha’s physical and mental wellbeing, the Tallaght woman felt she needed a challenge.

“I was trying to think positive, find something to focus on,” Samantha told The Echo.

“My confidence was not good, but I know that when I’m on stage, my confidence goes back up.

“Getting to meet lots of girls from different counties is really nice as well and that gives you confidence.”

Despite feeling the nerves this time round, Samantha entered Ireland Pageants’ inaugural Ms Ireland Classic.

“I put myself out there, I did it… and I won it,” Samantha told The Echo.

“I am so proud to be the first woman to win Ms Ireland Classic, women over 40 are amazing and it empowered me to take the title in the first competition.”

Samantha ran as Ms Mayo in the recent pageant, as this county is soon to be her new home – and a place she hopes to continue her community work over the coming year.

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