Saoirse appeal focuses on financial control

Saoirse appeal focuses on financial control

THE community has been encouraged to give the gift of empowerment to survivors of domestic violence this Christmas.

Saoirse Domestic Violence Service, which has two refuges in South Dublin County, two safe houses and an outreach and child support team, has launched a Christmas appeal that focuses on financial control.

According to Saoirse, financial control is common in abusive and controlling relationships, with the service this year encouraging the community to ‘put the power back’ in the hands of survivors by donating vouchers for any leading retailer.

Nadine O’ Brien, Outreach and Prevention Manager with Saoirse Domestic Violence Service told The Echo: “Financial abuse is part of coercive control, and it was on the rise in 2020.

Nadine O’Brien, Outreach and Prevention Manager with Saoirse Domestic Violence Service

“We encountered a lot of women being prevented from getting or keeping a job, excluded from taking important financial decisions in the home or accounting for every euro spent, furnishing receipts.

“Many also have a fear of being asked to leave the home.”

Nadine added: “[The increase] is because of Covid, lockdown, loss of jobs and poverty on the rise.

“There was also a lot of publicity about coercive control and what it is, and that it includes financial control.

“There has been more awareness and people were able to identify with what financial abuse looks like in the day-to-day and identify it in their own lives.”

As Christmas approaches, the team at Saoirse are inviting members of the community to donate vouchers for any leading retailer.

“It’s our focus here at Saoirse to foster financial freedom and financial independence with a survivor of domestic violence,” Nadine said.

“We support women to be in control of their own financial income, maybe go on to education, enter the workforce.

“We want women to be able to make a choice and offer a voucher so women can make their own decision.

“This is not only about financial freedom but the freedom to make choices and decisions for themselves… they know what their family needs.”

Nadine acknowledged the community’s support over the years at Christmas, and the difference it makes to families being supported through the service.

“Saoirse would like to thank everyone for their continued support especially through the pandemic,” Nadine said.

She encouraged the community this Christmas to “put the power back into survivors’ hands”.

To donate to Saoirse this Christmas email

For further information on Saoirse visit or follow the service on social media.

Saoirse’s 24-hour helpline is 01 4630000.

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