Shannon donated her hair and raised €2k for Tallaght Hospital

Shannon donated her hair and raised €2k for Tallaght Hospital

A PERRYSTOWN girl has gone above and beyond to fundraise money for Tallaght Hospital’s oncology department.

Shannon Smith (9) from Perrystown raised over €2K for Tallaght Hospital and donated her hair to be made into wigs for children going through chemotherapy.

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Shannon’s father, Barry Smith, battled with cancer for the past three years, and has recently gone into remission.

During Mr Smith’s illness, he was looked after by the oncology day ward at Tallaght Hospital, and Shannon wanted to give back to them as thanks for saving him.

The hardest part of their father’s cancer for Shannon and her siblings (Cody, 5 and Chloe, 7) was watching him lose his hair.

According to their mother Jennifer Smith, this was the first obvious sign that he was sick, and the hair loss stayed on Shannon’s mind, which is why she decided to donate her hair for wigs.

“This stayed with our eldest Shannon who decided to have her beautiful long hair cut to make wigs for kids with cancer while also fundraising for the day ward in Tallaght.”

A GoFundMe page raised €2,280 and was presented to the day ward at Tallaght Hospital.Jennifer said the fund will go towards helping patients with bills, and car parking fees.