Site notice deemed invalid for proposed development at busy shopping centre

Site notice deemed invalid for proposed development at busy shopping centre

By Maurice Garvey

AN INVALID site notice for a proposed development at Bawnouge Shopping Centre in Clondalkin, has been declared by planners in South Dublin County Council.

Planners say no site notice erected at the public road as indicated on the ordinance survey map – and have deemed the application invalid

Bawnogue shops 1 

The planning application was submitted in January by centre owner Mark Burns.

It contains proposals to amalgamate three of the retail units into one to provide a small supermarket, and the relocation of the existing post office to be incorporated within the new supermarket.

Proposals also contain the demolition of the existing store and erection of new store to the rear of the supermarket, resurfacing of the car park, alterations to the front façade and associated site works.

Following a site inspection, council planners found that the site notice was not in compliance with Planning and Development Regulations.

It states the site notice shall be maintained in position on the land of structure concerned, for a period of five weeks from the date of receipt of application buy planning authority.

In the initial planning application, Mr Burns said the enlarged convenience proposal “will provide a “larger, better stocked, more accessible convenience store” for customers.

He said: “The existing Bawnogue Shopping Centre is a busy neighbourhood centre that provides a much needed service for the surrounding residential communities. It is however in many ways outdated and in need of modernisation.

Planners recommend all particulars submitted in the application, along with a fee of €1,831 be refunded to the applicant.