St Aidan’s goes for gold with Yellow Flag challenge

St Aidan’s goes for gold with Yellow Flag challenge

By Mary Dennehy

ST AIDAN’S senior national school in Brookfield recently celebrated its links to more than 32 countries as part of its ongoing work around respecting diversity.

Celebrating diversity and interculturism has always been high on the agenda at St Aidan’s. However, since 2015, the school has had a more focused approach through its involvement in the Yellow Flag programme – which promotes inclusion and celebrates diversity in primary and secondary schools.

St Aidans SNS One Race Human 08062017

The 330-pupil school is currently working towards its Yellow Flag and recently held an intercultural day, which celebrated St Aidan’s Irish communities and its links to 32 countries across the globe.

The Irish Traveller culture within the school was also celebrated, with 20 per cent of pupils being members of the local Travelling community.

Teacher Pauline O’ Hanlon told The Echo: “The school emphasises respect for all cultures and ethnicities and is currently working towards its Yellow Flag for Diversity.

“For Intercultural Day, each class displayed project work on various countries in the school hall and many families contributed to the amazing spread of delicious goodies for the food-tasting event.

“Some parents and students also wore their traditional clothes, adding to the colour of the event.”

She added: “Celebrating diversity has always been on the school and the local community’s radar, with St Aidan’s Community School already achieving its Yellow Flag.

“St Aidan’s SNS is a learning community and we are all learning together, the pupils, teachers and the wider community.

“Overtime we are also challenged through the Yellow Flag programme to introduce an anti-racism policy and a diversity code. 

“These are integrated into the daily running of the school, but through the programme we will make them official through policy.”

St Aidan’s SNS also won a competition run by South Dublin County Council for European Week against Racism for its aerial photograph of 250 children spelling out ‘One Race – Human’.

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