St Dominic’s turns to new online assessment system

St Dominic’s turns to new online assessment system

By Maurice Garvey

STUDENTS in Ballyfermot took the plunge with a new online assessment system as they continue to embrace new technology in education.

St Dominic’s College is using online assessments for their new first years 2017/18.

St Dominics online assesment 10022017

On Saturday, young girls sat the first assessment of their St Dominic’s journey on a new online system.

The Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4) is a test which the school has used for many years, yet this new computerised online version is proving to be more successful, and user-friendly for students of all abilities.

The aim of the assessment is to shine a light on capabilities of incoming students and for teachers to gain insight into students’ individual strengths.

Guidance counsellor Cheryl Keeler said: “It’s essential to understand the learning profile of our students, their strengths, and what areas need development. We must do this quickly, otherwise we’ll start school by going backwards instead of forwards.

“This new method of assessment online is designed to meet the needs, demands and strengths of this technologically advanced era as students today adjust to technology effortlessly.”

Principal Mary Daly said: “St Dominic’s College is steadfast in their commitment to ensuring equity of access for their students to pursue further and higher education by the integration of technology in teaching, learning and assessment.”

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