Survey shows huge support for rapid-build homes plans

Survey shows huge support for rapid-build homes plans

By Maurice Garvey

A REPORT on plans to build 59 rapid-build homes at St Cuthbert’s Park in Deansrath, Clondalkin, was delivered this week by South Dublin County Council.

The proposed Part 8 development on under-developed lands at St Cuthbert’s Park, consists of 59 three-bed units.

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Pre-planning presentations and consultation meetings with Clondalkin councillors were held over the last four months – which led to residents’ issues being raised.

Alterations of the design for the project will see smaller-scale houses to the rear of existing homes at 89-98 Lealand Avenue.

A survey conducted by Sinn Féin of 181 households located beside the proposed development was submitted to South Dublin County Council.

The survey was in support of the rapid-build project.

The submission by TD Eoin Ó Broin and Cllr Mark Ward contained results and recommendations from a 2016 survey of 181 houses in three estates – Lindisfarne Grove, Melrose Park/ Crescent and Lealand Road, Avenue and Walk.

Of the 181 houses surveyed, 147 houses responded, and 113 respondents supported or were not opposed to the proposed housing project.

Up to 23 respondents opposed or did not support the proposal, while nine homes had mixed views and two homes had no opinion.

According to the survey, Deansrath Community College supported the proposal, and Lindisfarne Grove Environmental Group opposed the proposal.

Sinn Féin says the single biggest issue for residents is “ongoing anti-social behaviour in St Cuthbert’s Park.”

They say residents are concerned that increasing the number of families in the area could add to the problem.

Sinn Féin recommends the proposed St Cuthbert’s Park Task Force be established in advance of any development.

They also called for increased public lighting, and restricting access for joyriders to gain entry to the park.

The survey maintains that residents want a greater investment in community facilities in order to “reclaim the park”.

Deansrath Community College were “strongly supportive of the proposed development both in terms of enhancing their own security and ensuring future enrolments.”

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