Tallaght Stadium Covid-19 test centre open five months

Tallaght Stadium Covid-19 test centre open five months

By Mary Dennehy

THE HSE Covid-19 test centre at Tallaght Stadium has been open five months, with volunteers encouraging everyone, including those going for a test, to wear a mask.

On March 12, Tallaght Stadium became an official HSE Covid-19 test centre for members of the public who have been clinically triaged by phone and given an appointment to visit the centre.

Tallaght stadium Volunteers 1

Volunteers at the Tallaght Stadium test centre on Wednesday morning

Tricia Nolan, manager of the South Dublin County Volunteer Centre, has been based at the test centre since it opened in March.

The South Dublin County Volunteer Centre is managing the volunteer aspect of the Tallaght Stadium test centre with the HSE.

“When we came here first, very few people arrived with a mask, now you rarely see people arriving without a mask”, Tricia told The Echo.

“People are much better at mask-wearing, but there is still a number [of people] arriving without one.”

As the mandatory wearing of face coverings comes into effect this week, Tricia is reminding people to wear a mask when attending the test centre – and when visiting shops and other indoor settings.

“It’s really important to wear a mask,” Tricia said.

“I’ve seen the benefits of wearing a mask here at the test centre.

“We have a team of volunteers working here at the test centre and none of them have had Covid.

“They have also been wearing a mask constantly since March with no ill effect to their health.

“Wearing a mask to the shop is okay, there is no need to worry.”

Councillor Alan Edge (Independent) has been volunteering at the test centre.

“The team of volunteers have been working amazingly hard in all weathers at Tallaght stadium for the past five months and the workload is increasing as the spikes happen,” Cllr Edge said.

“The first thing we do when someone presents for testing is to ask them to put on a mask if they haven’t yet.

“While most people are wearing a face-covering, it’s really alarming that a number of people aren’t and that sometimes it seems that it’s their first time even putting a mask on.”

For advice and guidance on wearing a face-covering visit www.gov.ie or follow the HSE on Twitter and Facebook.

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