SDCC Development Plan: Changes made now will benefit future generations

SDCC Development Plan: Changes made now will benefit future generations

This week we continue a series that looks at the eight strategic issues that those living in South Dublin County can make suggestions on as part of the County Development Plan 2022 – 2028 consultation stage.

By Mary Dennehy

South Dublin County Council has started the process of reviewing the County Development Plan, with those living across communities invited to have their say on how their county and neighbourhood develops into the future.

According to South Dublin County Council, the County Development Plan is one of the most important documents for a local authority, and impacts on how the county deals with climate change, how people move around, where people live and work and the quality of their lives.

County Dev Plan SDCC County Hall Tallaght 1

South Dublin County Council, County Hall Tallaght

The first eight-week public consultation stage of the new plan started on Friday, July 31, with citizens of the county invited to make submissions under one or all of eight strategic issues.

The eight key strategic issues include: built environment and place making; climate action and energy; population growth and housing; sustainable movement; community services; economic development and employment; natural heritage and biodiversity; and infrastructure and utilities.

This week, The Echo asked South Dublin County Council about the strategic issue of climate action and energy.

According to South Dublin County Council, the County Development Plan has a ‘key role to play’ in ensuring that development mitigates to reduce current and future greenhouse emissions – alongside adapting to ensure that negative impacts already happening will be reduced.

In a comment to The Echo, the council said: “Policies and objectives for development within the county must build upon the national strategic objectives, which include compact growth, energy efficiency and accessibility.

County Dev Plan TU Dublin Tallaght campus 1

TU Dublin Tallaght campus

“Policies and objectives relating to Climate Action & Energy are important in ensuring that our children and grandchildren inherit a county that provides an attractive and liveable environment with clean air, a good choice of movement, reduced flooding possibilities, food production abilities and affordable energy.

“Climate action benefits us all economically through offering a competitive edge in attracting and retaining skills and talent on which foreign direct investment is reliant and improves our physical and mental health.”

The council is asking, through the strategic issues, what are the key actions we can take to reduce the impacts of climate change when it comes to land use?

County Dev Plan Round Tower visitor centre 1

Round Tower visitor centre

Darby Mullen, Senior Executive Engineer in the council’s Environment, Water and Climate Change Section told The Echo: “Every action made towards adapting to climate change, no matter how large or small is important.

“Every action counts.

“Changes made now will benefit future generations.

“Have you any thoughts and ideas on any small or large actions that the plan should take to alleviate the impact of climate change on your lives?

“South Dublin County Council are working to improve the built environment and public realm by incorporating natural infrastructure and solutions into our plans and projects,” the council said.

“Enhanced cycleways and greenways will deliver opportunities for the adventurous to explore and for cyclists to enjoy a proximity to nature.

“Flood alleviation schemes and integrated constructed wetlands are among ongoing projects to defend vulnerable communities against flooding associated with the increasing number of storm events directly related to climate change, while protecting and enhancing biodiversity.”

Do you have an idea of suggestion? 

Anybody with ideas or suggestions are encouraged to engage with the eight-week, county development plan consultation stage.

Let the council know how its decisions have impacted on your neighbourhood and county to date, and what you believe needs to be introduced, changed or maintained as we look to the future.

For full details and to make a submission online, visit SDCC website HERE

Submissions can also be made through the post.

For further details or to view a hard copy of the plan call the council on 4149000.

Anybody who would like to arrange a meeting with a member of the council can email

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