This week it’s all about party accessories and make-up removers

This week it’s all about party accessories and make-up removers

By Emma Kennedy

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So the party season is days away, or maybe some of you have started? Let me be your voice of reason when you come home at in the early hours of the morning form the Christmas party, TAKE YOUR MAKEUP OFF!

We generally use much heavier face and eye make-up on party nights out but that dosen’t mean your skin should suffer, it’s been through enough! As I have sensitive eyes I use a seperate eye makeup remover, here are our 5 picks...

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Estée Lauder Take It Away Total MakeUp Remover €26
NIVEA Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Make-up Remover €4.79
Shiseido Instant Eye & Makeup Remover €30
NIVEA Micellar Water €5.49
Trilogy, Make up be gone cleansing balm €24.90

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 Accessorising an outfit can ‘make it’! Transforming a simple black dress or vest top in to the most enviable outfit in the room!

With the rise in festivals everywhere the elaborate head pieces and body chains are the ultimate fashion statement.

However, at my age, I’ve passed the appropriate head piece age but I think I could get away with the body chain featured below.

Turning this simple black vest into a great wardrobe must. Here are some of our favourite pieces….

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Missguided Statement Pearl Detail Headpiece Gold €21
Newlook Black Gem Stone Body Chain €24.99
River Island Wrap Fur €80
Missguided Layered Star Hoops €11.20
Newlook Black Gem Stone Body Chain €24.99
What I bought and wore this week…

The Christmas shopping has started, and I went online to see if I could tick a few items off the list.

First up is this great Boyfriend Denim jacket from A&F, for one of the ladies in the house, the gilet however is just for me!

Bought (and wore immediately): Jacquard-knit gilet, very Balmainish! H&M €39.99



Bought: Boyfriend Denim jacket, all a girl really needs from a boy!! Was €110 Now €77

Boyfriend denim jacket AF


Celebrity Style: Dakota Johnson looks like a Spanish siren in her Michael Kors dress, with a great belt accessory!

Dakota Johnson in Michael Kors



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