84 per cent of people want ‘Welcome to Tallaght’ sign

84 per cent of people want ‘Welcome to Tallaght’ sign

TALLAGHT Community Council (TCC) is calling on South Dublin County Council to erect a ‘Welcome to Tallaght’ sign on the N81 and M50 interchange at Kilsaran, after a sign that TCC put up at that spot last week was removed by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII), reports Aideen O’Flaherty.

The community group erected a corriboard sign which was removed after three days in situ, as South Dublin County Council reported the “unauthorised” sign to TII who subsequently removed it.

Welcome to Tallaght sign 2

The Welcome to Tallaght sign on the N81 and M50 interchange at Kilsaran

TCC are now launching a formal request with the council for a large, permanent ‘Welcome to Tallaght’ sign in the aforementioned location, after TCC ran a poll on their social media accounts which garnered nearly 600 responses.

TCC’s poll showed that 84 per cent of the respondents were in favour of a permanent sign.

Gerry Stockil, TCC voluntary chair, said: “We are now directly calling on the members of the Tallaght Area Committee and the CEO of SDCC to respond as swiftly to the community-backed request as they did to request the removal of our temporary sign last week.

“This is a very visible way to instil a pride of place in Tallaght, the capital of SDCC.

“It is a basic component in any village or town, you see them the length and breadth of the country.

“The absence of such a sign raises all kinds of queries as to the inertia to our previous requests for this signage.

“But for now, we are parking those and making a direct request – order the sign and apply to TII this month. We want to see the ‘Welcome to Tallaght’ sign in place for Tallafest next month.”