Why was this chicken crossing the road in Palmerstown?

Why was this chicken crossing the road in Palmerstown?

By Simon Walsh

No joke, there was a chicken found crossing the road in Palmerstown on Wednesday, but never fear, she made it to the other side, with a little help!

Rosie was spotted by a member of the public on the Old Lucan Road, and it is believed the she was trying to cross the road all by herself.

Palmerstown Chicken story 06 October 2016

Her reason for wanting to get to the other side is unknown at this time, but many possibilities have been mentioned.

The kind man took the chicken to the Palmerstown Veterinary Hospital where Rosie even laid an egg, before her owner came forward and was reunited with the feathered bird who is said to be in good spirits.

Speaking to Echo.ie, Paula from Palmerstown Veterinary Hospital said, “Rosie was handed in to us yesterday as she was found walking across the road.

“She was in good health and even laid an egg while she was here. Our veterinary receptionist Naoimh will be having that for breakfast!

“Rosie’s owner saw our Facebook post and collected her yesterday evening.

“Apparently she is a very friendly chicken who loves following her owners friend around the work yard.”

Thanks to everyone at Palmerstown Veterinary Hospital for their help, and for the great work they continue to do.

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