Wildflower patch adds splash of colour

Wildflower patch adds splash of colour

By Aideen O'Flaherty

THE planting of pollinator-friendly wildflowers and bulbs near the Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Firhouse has resulted in a vibrant wildflower patch, adding a splash of colour to the greenspace while also enhancing biodiversity.

The project was carried out by South Dublin County Coucil’s Public Realm staff, a specialist contractor called Flower Your Place and the nearby Central Remedial Clinic (CRC), and the flowers caught the eye of local resident and Tallaght Photographic Society member Ollie O’Flanagan, who took some photos.

Firhouse Flowers Ollie OFlanagan 2 1

The wildflower patch in Firhouse Photo by Ollie O'Flanagan

Explaining the rationale behind planting wildflowers and bulbs, a council spokesperson said: “In 2019 the council, in collaboration with the CRC unit, designed and installed an accessible planter in the village green in Firhouse with pollinator-friendly plants.

“The pollinator-friendly wildflower and bulb planting that has been done in 2020 is phase two of the project which provides an eye-catching visual amenity as well as providing much needed food for our pollinators.

“South Dublin County Council is signed up to the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan, which contains many actions that support pollinators.

“This is one of a number of pollinator and biodiversity initiatives that the council has implemented through partnership with community groups, local residents’ associations and Tidy Towns groups.”

According to the local authority, there are over 220 acres of natural wildflowers and meadow areas that they manage for biodiversity throughout the county’s parks, to provide habitats and food for pollinators.

In addition to these, a number of small pollinator planting schemes have been carried out around the county by the council, including another recent scheme in Rathfarnham Village. 

The spokesperson added: “The council has plans to carry out further schemes of this type in the future and to develop further on the wildflower and meadow areas maintained in parks.”

The Firhouse wildflower project was carried out under the council’s Public Realm Improvement Works Programme for 2020, and a budget of approximately €1m is provided for this programme of works each year.

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