Work on extension of Ballyfermot Leisure Centre expected to begin early in 2023

Work on extension of Ballyfermot Leisure Centre expected to begin early in 2023

WORKS to build an extension at Ballyfermot Leisure Centre are anticipated to begin early in 2023.

According to Dublin City Council’s Capital Programme 2023-2025, the gym at Ballyfermot Leisure Centre is extremely busy, fuelling demand for expansion.

“Due to high customer levels in the existing gym, it is proposed to finalise plans and issue tender documents to extend the gym and carry out necessary works in 2023,” said the report.

“It is anticipated that works will commence by end of Quarter 1/2023.”

The total estimated expenditure for capital works in recreation, culture, amenity and areas for the period 2023–2025, is €240.9m.

A Dublin City Council Sports Plan is being developed which will run concurrently with, and align to the DCC Development Plan 2022–2028 and the National Sports Policy 2018–2027.

It will consist of two separate but inter-related strategies: Sports Infrastructure Strategy, Sports Programme & Provision Strategy and will include a review of Dublin City Sport & Wellbeing Partnership.

Meanwhile, a sinking fund provides for ongoing necessary upgrade and refurbishment works to ensure that the Sports and Community Recreation Centres are properly maintained.

It is used to maintain the facilities beyond the day-to-day operations provided for in the revenue budget. The capital budget contains €1.1m for Sports and Recreational Facilities and €450k for Community Recreational Facilities to carry out routine maintenance and refurbishment of the facilities over the period 2023 to 2025.

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