Zip & Stitch tailors have cut above the rest

Zip & Stitch tailors have cut above the rest

By Maurice Garvey

A Tallaght tailors established their own patch in the village four years ago, and are a cut above the rest after moving to a bigger premises to keep up with demand.

Zip & Stitch, a small business started by Sahim Ahmadi in 2013, hit the mark locally, enticing customers through a wide-ranging service which includes “everything and anything” from alterations to dry cleaning.

Sahim Ahmadi15

This week, they moved from their former unit beside BP O’Reilly’s, to a bigger premises down the road, next door to St Vincent’s charity shop and John Glynn Solicitors.

Anyone who has been a customer at Zip & Stitch, knows they offer a friendly, informed and cost-effective service.

It was due to customer feedback, that Sahim, an Afghanistan native and recent Irish citizen, decided to expand the business, and a vacant site down the road from the existing store was tailor-made for the move.

Popular requests from customers include alterations for suits, leather jackets, bridesmaids dresses, pants, jeans, coats, and shoes.

The store also specialises in fitting suits for customers, who wish to change the length or width of the jacket, shirt or pants.

After five weeks of renovation at the new premises, customers can now avail of two newly installed fitting rooms – in response to customer feedback.

A more accessible link with the dry cleaning section of the business, was another incentive for the expansion.

Zip & Stitch take in two dry cleaning deliveries every day – once in the morning and the other at night.

Another aspect of the business which has proved popular is curtains, with staff able to make alterations to lengthen or shorten the fabric.

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