400 ‘street trees’ to be planted in local estates

400 ‘street trees’ to be planted in local estates

By Mary Dennehy

CLOSE to 400 ‘street trees’ will be planted in Tallaght estates by spring 2018, The Echo has learned.

South Dublin County Council plans to introduce hundreds of new trees into local estates in winter 2017 and spring 2018, with trees being carefully selected to reflect each individual location.

Aylesbury Field 06072017

The programme for winter 2017/spring 2018 will see 150 trees planted across eight locations including, Aylesbury Park (50), Birchview (15), Cairnwood (15), Kilcarrig (10), Knockmore (10), Parkhill Road (15), Parkwood (10) and St Aonghus (25).

A further 230 trees, due to be planted in spring of this year, will also be planted this coming November after an early and mild spring in 2017 did not create suitable conditions for new trees.

These trees will be introduced across streets in communities such as Killinarden, Jobstown, Kingswood, Kilnamanagh and Millbrook.

According to the council: “Trees make a major contribution to the character and appearance of South Dublin County.

“They provide significant economic, social, environmental, ecological and aesthetic benefits to communities and to urban and residential streets, parks and open spaces.

“They also enhance biodiversity and play a crucial role in mitigating climate change.”

The council added that it also “recognises” the value of street trees in the urban environment and is “committed” to planting new trees to ensure that the visual amenity in South Dublin is assured for future generations.

Areas targeted for new tree planting are those where trees have been removed or where there is an identified need to increase the overall tree cover.

Requests from council members and local residents for new trees have also been taken into consideration, with the principle of planting the ‘right tree in the right place’ applying for all new and replacement trees.