750 apartment plans lodged for Park West development
Plans have been lodged with An Bord Pleanala for 750 apartments for this site in Park West

750 apartment plans lodged for Park West development

PLANS for 750 apartments in Park West have been lodged with An Bord Pleanala.

Applicant Greenseed Limited is seeking permission from the Board for the SHD (strategic housing development) at Park West Avenue and Park West Road.

The majority of the lands in the proposal are within ownership of Greenseed Limited.

However, the application site also includes lands within ownership of Marblegate Limited, Greenmarble Management Company Limited and Dublin City Council.

Letters of consent are enclosed from the parties in the application.

The development consists of a total of 70,694sq.m gross floor area in seven blocks (Blocks A to G).

The 750 apartment units comprise 321 one-bed units, 384 two-bed units and 45 three-bed units, totalling 69,989sq.m.

Plans include 130 car parking spaces for 250 apartments in Blocks A-C, plus a shared podium level communal open space.

Blocks D-E, containing 358 apartments, have provision for 156 car spaces and the shared podium. Block F containing 99 apartments has provision for 28 spaces, and none for Block G (40 units).

Plans also include a non-residential floorspace including one retail unit (156sq.m), a creche (410sq.m), a community space (48sq.m), and a café/ bar (91sq.m), all totalling 705sq.m, along with all associated roads, streets, public spaces and services infrastructure.

According to the planning application, the existing Aspect Hotel car park is also the site of a permitted extension to the hotel.

The existing car park is proposed to be demolished and the site of the permitted hotel extension landscaped pending the development of the hotel extension.

Greenseed are also seeking permission for 1,676 cycle parking spaces.

The remainder of the overall site bounded by Park West Avenue and Park West Road will be the subject of a separate planning application(s) to Dublin City Council.

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