750 apartments in seven blocks at Park West
An artist’s impression of the plans for Park West

750 apartments in seven blocks at Park West

PARK West is set to have a massive addition to its landscape with a new fast-track planning application for 750 apartments, assembled in seven blocks, scaling up to 15 storeys, getting the go-ahead from An Bord Pleanála.

Greenseed Limited filed the planning application for 750 apartments, a retail unit, crèche, community space, café and/or bar, at a site at Park West Avenue and Park West Road in Dublin 12.

Lodged On December 16, 2021, some 321 one-bed units, 384 two-bed units and 45 three-bed units will be assembled across seven separate apartment blocks ranging in height from two to 15 storeys.

Strategic Housing Development (SHD), proposals also incorporate 522 car-parking spaces (314 under-croft and 238 on-street) and 1,676 bicycle spaces (1,276 under-croft and 400 on-street).

Seventy car-parking spaces relate to the existing Aspect Hotel, with the existing car park proposed for demolition as part of another application.

The 410 sq m creche has provision for 84 children and there is 1.3Ha allocated to public open space in the proposed development, which equates to 14 percent of the site.

An artist’s impression of the plans for Park West

Complying with Part V social housing obligations, the developers are proposing to lease some 75 units (10 percent), all arranged in Block F, to Dublin City Council.

Marbelgate Ltd, Greenmarble Management Company Ltd, and Dublin City Council gave consent to the developer for their lands to be included in the planning application.

On June 16, 2022, An Bord Pleanála granted permission to the applicant subject to 29 conditions being met.

A lot of the conditions are particulars around building compliance.

In the Cherry Orchard Local Area Plan, there is an objective to “seek the provision of ‘turn-key’ ground-floor retail units’ along Park West Avenue.

Therefore, the applicant was requested to submit amended drawings for Block A and C, omitting 16 apartments, to accommodate for the provision of commercial, enterprise and non-residential uses.

SHD applications go straight to An Bord Pleanála, bypassing councils and disarming elected representatives from making a decision on a large-scale development.

Legislation to end SHDs and restore decision-making of large-scale housing developments to Local Authorities such as South Dublin County Council was passed last December.

This bill replaces the SHD process with a new planning process known as Large Scale Residential Developments (LRDs) – although there is a bedding-in period as all SHDs work their way through the system.

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