Accused of throwing hammer at gardai

Accused of throwing hammer at gardai

A CLONDALKIN man has been accused of swerving a vehicle in the direction of a patrol car before getting a hammer and throwing it at gardai.

Glenn Graham is alleged to have endangered the garda and produced the hammer and other weapons as an attempt was being made to seize the vehicle from a road near his home.

blanchardstown courthouse

Blanchardstown District Court

Judge Gerard Jones refused jurisdiction at Blanchardstown District Court and remanded Mr Graham on continuing bail.

Mr Graham, aged 33 with an address at Chaplain’s Terrace, is charged with producing a hammer and other weapons, endangerment and dangerous driving at Harelawn Green on May 16, 2020. He is also accused of engaging in threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour in the same alleged incident.

Garda Sarah Moloney told Judge Jones it was alleged the accused ran out of his home as gardai were in the process of seizing a vehicle, which was allegedly illegally registered.

He refused to let them seize it and acted in a threatening manner, it was alleged.

The accused continued to act in an aggressive manner when the gardai called for assistance, Garda Moloney alleged, then he got into the vehicle and reversed it at high speed.

He swerved at high speed in the direction of the patrol car and her colleague had to jump out of the patrol car, she said.

Garda Moloney said the other garda threw her official torch at the window of the vehicle to get the accused to stop.

Gardai attempted to arrest Mr Graham, but he ran past them and Garda Moloney said she heard him shout: “we will get a hammer to these c**ts.”

She alleged the accused ran into his house and came out carrying a hammer and a number of other weapons which he threw at gardai.

Mr Graham was pepper sprayed and arrested, she said.

The DPP directed summary disposal of the case in the district court but Judge Jones said he was refusing to accept jurisdiction after hearing the prosecution’s summary of evidence.

He remanded the accused on continuing bail to a date in June, for the preparation of a book of evidence.

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