Additional resources needed to combat drug dealing in Corkagh

Additional resources needed to combat drug dealing in Corkagh

By Maurice Garvey

GARDAI need to put in additional resources to combat drug dealing in and around the vicinity of Corkagh Park, according to Mayor of South Dublin County Mark Ward, reports Maurice Garvey.

Ever since a major garda operation was put in place at St Cuthbert’s Park, drug dealing activity has migrated to nearby areas, a significant amount of it taking place close to Corkagh Park.

Coragh Park 12 Additional resources have been called to combat drug dealing in Corkagh Park

In November, contractors Sisk were forced off a social housing site in St Cuthbert’s, following reports of intimidation, theft of tools, vandalism of workers cars, and late night arson attacks.

Workers subsequently went back onsite following increased garda operations and private security at the work site.

In December, The Echo reported how special needs school Scoil Mochua was forced to implement emergency security measures after an explosion of drug dealing activity on vacant land beside their campus on the Old Nangor Road.

The school reported finding crack pipes on the vacant land – believed to be owned by a private developer.

“My understanding is lads are parking in cars and they are coming out to them, using the park as cover for drug dealing,” said Mayor Ward.

“Fair play to the gardai for their response to St Cuthbert’s, but there has been a visible increase in illicit drug trading in parts of Clondalkin and in particular Corkagh Park and surrounding estates.

“Mainly in and around the Cherrywood estate and Scoil Mochua. This is something new for the area and it is quite frightening for residents to see this activity. It is happening at all hours of the day, there is no set times.”

Mayor Ward had a motion passed at the Clondalkin area meeting on Wednesday, January 16, which called for senior gardai to put resources into the area and combat the drug dealing.

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