Aoife will run marathon with 30 pound sack on her back for Children’s Hospital

Aoife will run marathon with 30 pound sack on her back for Children’s Hospital

By Mary Dennehy

A MOTHER-of-one is planning to run the Women’s Mini-Marathon this June in full army combat gear and carrying a day sack weighing 30 pounds – the weight of her son, Oliver.

Growing up in Glenview, Tallaght, Aoife Curran (32) is a member of the Irish Defence Forces and is taking on her mini-marathon challenge in aid of CMRF Crumlin, one of Ireland’s leading children’s medical charities.

Aoife Curran Flood

Aoife Curran with her son Oliver who has been happily helping his mam to train

CMRF Crumlin provides funding to Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital and the National Children’s Research Centre to enable little patients to have the best possible outcomes.

Readers may remember Aoife from 2011, when she hit Echo headlines after her soldier boyfriend Shane proposed to her on Facebook from the Lebanon – in a message written in stones.

Aoife and Shane’s romantic tale ended up winning the nation’s heart, with The Echo also covering the happy couples wedding in St Aengus Church, Balrothery, in 2014.

Last week, Aoife was back in her local paper in an attempt to garner support for children’s medical research by sponsoring her mini-marathon challenge.

“I chose to do the mini-marathon for CMRF as I am a mother of a three-year-old boy and I have been to Our Lady’s Hospital in Crumlin with him, fortunately for nothing too serious,” Aoife said.

“The level of care and support we were shown was amazing.

“I didn’t think twice about my choice of charity for this, I believe every sick child deserves a diagnosis and the best possible outcome.”

Make today’s illness, tomorrow’s cure

She added: “Helping to raise as much funds and awareness for this charity will hopefully make today’s illness, tomorrow’s cure.

“And, if I can even contribute in a small way towards making this a reality for just one child or family then the small amount of work I am putting in will be well worth it.”

Aoife will take on the mini-marathon in full combat gear carrying a weight equivalent to a young child on her back.

Alongside wearing full combat gear, including a battle vest, the day pack Aoife will carry will include items such as a helmet, spare boots, uniform and wet gear.

Aoife son’s Oliver was weighed to get an estimation of a child’s weight, and has been happily helping his mam with her training by looking for piggy backs.

Aoife has set herself a base target of €500 on her fundraising page however, she hopes to raise more than that for the children’s charity.

To support Aoife visit CMRF Crumlin.