Box smart on recovery journey
People particiapting in the Box Smart programme which runs for 12-weeks

Box smart on recovery journey

THE sixth round of Box Smart has commenced, with 20 men and women from across the community taking their first steps into the 12-week health and fitness programme.

An initiative of Tallaght Rehabilitation Project (TRP), Box Smart supports people on their recovery journey through exercise, nutrition and overall wellbeing.

As this year’s participants jumped into the ring, Pat Daly, the manager of TRP, spoke of the positive and lasting impact those taking part in the programme have on their community.

“A lot of these guys were two years ago in the throes of addiction and have put in a lot of hard work to get where they are today,” Pat told The Echo.

“They’re positive role models for anybody who wants to go into recovery, people can aspire to this.

“They are doing something that has an effect on their community.

Sarah, Joanne and Tracey in Westside training

“They’re positive role models for their families, their children and their community as a whole.

“Participants are proof that there is a recovery community in Tallaght, and that people do get well and can get well.”

Last Friday, the new Box Smart team gathered at Westside Gym in Brookfield, where they began the pro-active health and fitness programme, which includes nutrition.

When asked how the programme benefits participants, Pat said: “They feel better physically, psychologically and emotionally.

Chris and Michelle training in Brookfield

“Participants have told us that they feel really motivated doing Box Smart, and more motivated in their recovery.

“They feel good about themselves.”

Funded by the HSE through the Tallaght Drugs and Alcohol Task Force, Box Smart is now a permanent aspect of TRP’s recovery programme.

“The programme has been really successful,” Pat said.

“Box Smart has been a huge added initiative to TRP and is a key aspect of our programme.”

Following the three-month Box Smart programme, which is delivered by a qualified coach and TRP staff members, a graduation ceremony is held for participants.

For further information on TRP, which is based in Kiltalown House, Jobstown, visit tallaghtrehabproject or call 01 4597705.

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