Burglaries and criminal damage figures down by 50 per cent

Burglaries and criminal damage figures down by 50 per cent

BURGLARY and criminal damage statistics have gone down in the Lucan and Palmerstown area over the last 12 months, according to figures from the North Clondalkin, Lucan and Palmerstown local policing forum.

Burglary was down 50 per cent – decreasing by 287 incidents, and criminal damage was down by 28 per cent – decreasing by 164 incidents.

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Unauthorised taking of cars was down by 57 per cent – decreasing by 138 incidents.

Gardaí say this mirrors the decrease in burglaries, as the two can often be linked, with some home burglaries also suffering the theft of a car.

Theft from shops increased by 15 per cent – with 63 more incidents compared to the corresponding period last year.

Gardaí are concerned that the strong security policy at Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, could lead to an increase of shoplifting at smaller local shopping centres and retail outlets next year.

Liffey Valley run a successful ‘business watch’ with gardaí to curtail shoplifters at the centre.

Meanwhile, the sale and supply of drugs decreased by six per cent – down by 20 incidents.

Theft of cycles has risen significantly, particularly in the last month – statistics for the year were an increase of 12 per cent, up by 16 incidents.

Neighbourhood Watch schemes and text alerts were also on the agenda – with the former a good platform to warn residents of bicycle thefts, according to gardaí.

Senior gardaí say the text-alert schemes can be more effective in rural areas, as reports of a white van, can lead to clinical detections, but in the city, there could be multiple white vans in a community at any given time.

Good Neighbourhood Watch schemes can be a victim of their own success – if nothing is happening, people lose interest.

The key to a good schemes according to gardaí, is what residents put into it.


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