Caitriona (10) leaves lasting impact on Toy Show viewers
Caitriona Kalogeraki outside RTÉ studios

Caitriona (10) leaves lasting impact on Toy Show viewers

A BOHERNABREENA schoolgirl has been praised for raising awareness of autism and neurodiversity when she appeared on RTÉ’s ‘Late Late Toy Show’ last week.

Caitriona Kalogeraki, 10, left a lasting impact on viewers as a result of her empowering and enlightening speech about being an autistic child.

The Glenasmole National School pupil detailed how having autism was in fact an ability, not a disability, and encouraged other children with neurodiversity to realise that they too are special.

Caitriona also received a surprise message from ‘Harry Potter’ star and activist, Emma Watson, commending her for raising awareness of the condition.

Caitriona’s mother, Jennifer Phillips, said: “Everyone has strengths and challenges to face.

“Neurodivergence comes with so many wonderful qualities and strengths, not just challenges.

“We have always celebrated the strengths and special qualities that neurodivergence brings.

“I’m incredibly proud of the person my daughter is and especially proud of the pride she has in herself. The amount of messages we’ve received about the impact she’s had has been incredible.”

Jennifer added that scores of thanks have been sent to her daughter from neurodivergent children and families.

The children and their families said they felt a sense of pride after seeing Caitriona’s impassioned appearance along with how ‘seen’ her representation on the show had made them feel.

“Now that star Emma Watson has praised Catriona for her advocacy on behalf of neurodivergent children, and as she continues to champion her autism,” added Jennifer, “Caitriona seems set to continue to make a difference for autism awareness and neurodivergent pride.”

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