Community raises €140k for Brian’s cancer drug treatment

Community raises €140k for Brian’s cancer drug treatment

By Mary Dennehy

A YOUNG man from Aylesbury who needed to raise €140k for a potentially life-saving cancer drug has reached his fundraising goal in the space of two months – thanks to a massive united effort by his hometown of Tallaght.

Living in Aylesbury, Brian Slattery (28) needed to raise up to €140k for a drug that has proven hugely promising in trials so far – with his brother Brendan and sisters Roisin and Lorna starting a fundraising campaign for the drug, which is currently unavailable in Ireland.

Brian Slattery Fund Raiser 07 21072017

A former student of St Martin’s NS and Old Bawn Community School, Brian was diagnosed with metastatic colorectal cancer last July.

Following bouts of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and an operation to remove the tumour, Brian was given good news – until pains in his back turned out to be a tumour on his spine.

“The cancer had come back quickly and more aggressive and chemotherapy will just keep him as he is, it will never cure him,” Brian’s brother Brendan told The Echo.

“The consultant told us that there is one drug available that hasn’t been yet approved by the HSE in Ireland which is optimal for Brian’s survival.

“This drug is called Pembrolizumab. Unfortunately, the drug trial for treatment of rectal cancer using this drug has just closed.

“The outcome from the research has been exceptionally promising in rectal cancer and it would be very beneficial to Brian’s full recovery.”

Thanks to his family, friends and the wider community, Brian started his second batch of treatment last week, only days before reaching the €140k mark.

According to Brian: “I have been blown away with the reaction from people, I never would have dreamt that the goal would have been reached especially in such a short period of time.

“So, I would like to thank everybody that has helped and thank you all for the support I have received, it really has been encouraging and has helped me enormously get through this horrible blip in the road.”

Thanking his partner Karen, family, friends, colleagues at Bank of Ireland and the community in Aylesbury and Tallaght, Brian added: “I have just had my second treatment of the course of the new drug.

“Now I just have to hope and pray that this has the desired effect and we see an improvement in the coming months.

“This has only been possible with the help from each and every one of you, you all have made such a massive difference in my life and I will always be in your debt because of this.”