Concerns over saftey of groups drinking under the red bridge
Ropes hanging from the red bridge used as a swing in Dodder Park

Concerns over saftey of groups drinking under the red bridge

THERE are concerns surrounding safety as groups frequently engage in anti-social behaviour under the red bridge in Dodder Valley Park.

Councillor Teresa Costello said that she is calling on South Dublin County Council for a solution as there are serious concerns for the safety of those gathering and drinking under the bridge beside the river dodder.

Cllr Costello had a motion at a recent council meeting requesting for a solution to the ongoing anti-social behaviour in the area.

“I was coming at it from a point of view that it is enclosed, and I had fears of safety issues for the people that were there because it is so covered in,” said Cllr Costello.

“The council said that they went down and checked it out and they didn’t see any major signs, but I was getting quite a few calls regarding the bridge and disturbances.”

In South Dublin County Council’s report in response to the motion, they said that the area in question is cleared of vegetation and has hardcore over a section of it, which makes it an “attractive area” for congregating.

The report stated: “The Public Realm section will examine ways to close off the area under the Dodder bridge and would hope to propose a solution that can be included in the Public Realm Improvement Works Programme in 2022.”

They added that despite no obvious signs of serious anti-social behaviour in the area such as littering, evidence of drinking and drug taking and remnants of fires, the proposal of installing fencing which would close the area off under the bridge will be examined and costed but this may result in congregating to another area nearby if it is closed off.

Cllr Costello added: “People were just concerned. The teenagers have to be able to hang out somewhere it is just that it is so dark at night and hidden and that’s where I was looking at it from – a safety perspective.

“I think the council will monitor the situation.”

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