Council to re-inspect ‘old’ RIC barracks in village

Council to re-inspect ‘old’ RIC barracks in village

By Maurice Garvey

The vacant RIC barracks site in Clondalkin is to be re-inspected by South Dublin County Council – one possible outcome could see the site monitored under derelict sites provision.

At the Clondalkin area meeting last week, Labour councillor Breeda Bonner asked for an update on the current status of the old RIC Barracks in Clondalkin village and if it was being handled under the derelict sites provision.

Former RIC Barracks Clondalkin


Cllr Bonner queried that should it come into ownership of the council, if it was then possible that the building might be used by local community groups.

A spokesperson for SDCC said: “A Section 11 Notice was served by registered post to the address on file for the registered owner (currently in absentia) and in accordance with the prescribed legislation requested the owner to maintain the site, keeping it clear of rubbish and safe and secure.

The notice was also affixed in a conspicuous position at the site on October 10.

“The expiry of this notice will be November 21, 2017. After November 21, the site will then be re-inspected and the report will determine the course of action required, including whether the site should continue to be monitored under the derelict sites provision.

“It is therefore premature to refer to any potential vesting of the site under the Derelict Sites Act.”

SDCC said they will continue to monitor the site while liaising directly with the derelict sites section.

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