Crackdown on illegal dumping in Deerpark

Crackdown on illegal dumping in Deerpark

DURING the monthly meeting of South Dublin County Council’s Tallaght Area Committee on June 26, Councillor Cathal King brought forth a motion to require that Circle VHA & Management Company carry out a “crackdown” on illegal dumping in Deerpark Estate.

Cllr King noted that keys to bin sheds are being withheld from some residents, which may be contributing to the issue.

Deerpark entrance 13 October 2016

The Council responded that keys have been issued to all homeowners, excepting a small number who owe significant fees to management.

Circle has told the Council that the problem of dumping has more to do with homeowners who are not willing to pay for bin collection service.

The Council reported that there is currently no CCTV in operation in Deerpark, but that Circle intends to seek funding for a system in the near future.

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