Dancer’s Garden to get regular maintenance

Dancer’s Garden to get regular maintenance

By Mary Dennehy

SOUTH Dublin County Council has committed to placing the Dancer’s Garden in Tallaght Village on its regular maintenance schedule.

The response came about after Tallaght Central councillor Charlie O’ Connor (Fianna Fail) was asked to bring the condition of the garden, which is home to the Dancers statue, in the heart of Tallaght Village to the attention of the council.

The Dancers

In its reply, the council said: “The area in question is included in the daily cleaning route operated by the council’s handcart operative in Tallaght Village.

“In addition to this the area is also on a regular maintenance schedule with the Public Realm staff attending to the area to weed and clean the flower beds and this work takes place every six to eight weeks.

“This will continue and the area will be monitored to determine if improvements to the maintenance routines are required.”

The council added: “The request regarding the need to maintain the Dancer’s Garden in Tallaght Village has been referred to our Tallaght Village maintenance crew for their attention and will be attended to by the end of the week.

“In addition, in future this area will be added to their regular maintenance schedule for the village.”