Dedicated cycle space  on schedule to be opened by the end of the month
Images of Avonbeg Path scheme

Dedicated cycle space on schedule to be opened by the end of the month

A SAFE and segregated stretch of dedicated cycle space is on schedule to be up and running, ready for action by the end of this summer.

The Avonbeg Road Cycle Scheme is motoring along nicely to provide a more sustainable mode of transport for commuters as well active travel benefits for communities.

Spanning 1.3km, the cycle initiative provides a pathway from Old Bawn Road to the Dodder Greenway via the Avonbeg Road as part of the Cycle South Dublin Plan.

Clonmel Enterprises Ltd was appointed as the contractor for the scheme, with the main cycle path having an estimated date for partial completion for the end of June.

South Dublin County Council recently outlined the next phases of works, which include replacing and relocating the existing ramps on Avonbeg Road – which appears to be scheduled for completion by the end of July.

A new pedestrian entrance for St Dominic’s National School is also proposed along with a widened footpath at the Charlie O’Toole Footbridge.

The council reiterated that the objectives are that the works will calm traffic on the road and that the new shared path will provide a safe travel environment for all users.

Some of the main characteristics of the proposed design will be to upgrade the existing 2 metre wide footpath on the north side of the road to a 4 metre shared pedestrian and cycle space.

Clonmel Enterprises Ltd started work on the scheme on January 2022 having completed preparation work during the previous month.

A small compound has also been established in the grass area opposite Avonbeg Gardens for the purpose of stockpiling materials and for a small mobile canteen for the staff.

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