Delay in plans to develop two Citywest primary schools

Delay in plans to develop two Citywest primary schools

By Laura Lyne

PLANS to develop two new primary schools at a site at Cooldown Commons in Citywest have been delayed, after additional information was requested by South Dublin County Council on a planning application for the schools.

The application is for the development of the two-storey school buildings, which will both comprise of 16 classrooms and will be assigned to Citywest and Saggart Community National School and Citywest Educate Together National School.

Cooldown Commons 15 September 2016

The additional information requested relates to the Local Area Plan, which states that the lands are intended for a primary school and a secondary school.

South Dublin County Council requested details about the “rationale for the omission of a secondary school from the site”.

It also requested details on surface water attenuation, and revised details on the watermain layout for the development.

A revised Mobility Management Plan is also requested, along with a revised site layout for the safety of those using the proposed cycle facility.

The decision to ask for additional information was given on September 1.


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