Demands made for extra Garda resources in Clondalkin area

Demands made for extra Garda resources in Clondalkin area

By Brendan Grehan

CLONDALKIN COUNCILLOR Mark Ward has tabled a motion calling on the Tánaiste and Minister for Justice Francis Fitzgerald to provide extra resources for Clondalkin Gardai to tackle the increase in anti-social behaviour in her constituency.

The motion is on the agenda of this week’s Clondalkin Area Committee meeting of South Dublin County Council.

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Cllr Ward told The Echo: “Cutbacks to garda resources are having a detrimental effect on the lives of residents of Clondalkin.

“Certain parts of Clondalkin are turning into no-go areas with residents living in fear. I have met with residents who do not see the point in contacting their local Gardai as they are not getting the response they require.

“This is in no way being critical of the Gardai in Clondalkin who I have no doubt feel as frustrated as me in their inability to tackle crime due to being understaffed and under resourced.”

Cllr Ward said he is calling on the Tánaiste, Francis Fitzgerald to increase Garda numbers in Clondalkin. He criticised the Tánaiste and accused her of “a lack of leadership”.

He said: “ There were three murders in a very short space of time prior to Christmas in the Clondalkin/Lucan area. I’d like to remind the Tánaiste that this is her constituency and that the lack of leadership from her regarding these issues was very noticeable”.

He says he is inundated with residents contacting him in relation to anti-social behaviour in their estates.

Cllr Ward added: “These issues include joy-riding, scramblers, open drug-dealing and intimidation. These crimes are seemingly carried out with impunity.

“If the Garda numbers were increased it would elicit a speedier response and result in a decrease in anti-social behaviour.”

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