Department of Defence claim two runways incorrectly listed non-instrument runways
Irish Air Corps is located at Casement Aerodrome

Department of Defence claim two runways incorrectly listed non-instrument runways

THE Department of Defence has claimed that runways 22 and 04 at Casement Aerodrome used by the Irish Air Corps have been incorrectly listed as non-instrument runways in the County Development Plan.

An instrument runway facilitates departures and arrivals that are published procedures, where a flight crew will depart and arrive while looking inside the cockpit at navigation equipment for guidance.

A non-instrument runway allows for the operation of aircraft using visual approach procedures, and is afforded less protection than an instrument runway with regard to Obstacle Limitation Surfaces.

According to the Department of Defence, runway 22 has been in use for instrument departures for over 25 years, while runway 04 will shortly be used for instrument approaches.

In their submission, the Department stated that neither of these runways have been recognised as instrument runways by South Dublin County Council “for safeguarding”.

Runway 22 is the most frequently used runway in the aerodrome for takeoff and landing due to the prevailing wind, according to the submission.

Runway 04 is safeguarded as an instrument approach runway to protect against obstacles for instrument approach procedures in the near future, stated the Department.

“If the approach to Runway 04 is not protected, instrument approach procedures to Runway 04 may not be possible,” they stated.

It is noted in the submission that a non-instrument runway cannot be used as an instrument runway as it is not protected to the standards required for instrument arrivals and departures.

“Runways 22 and 04 share the same ‘concrete’ strip as they are reciprocal runways,” stated the Department.

The Department of Defence’s submission was lodged on South Dublin County’s Building Height and Density Guide section of the upcoming County Development Plan.

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