Derek hopes to inspire other stroke survivors with book
Derek Cummins

Derek hopes to inspire other stroke survivors with book

A MAN who had to re-learn the alphabet following a stroke, hopes to inspire other survivors via his contribution to a new book by Headway – a not for profit that helps people with acquired brain injuries to rebuild their lives, reports Maurice Garvey.

Derek Cummins (51) a father-of-one, from Clondalkin, wrote the introduction to the Headway book ‘Walk Our Paths’  – a book that contains a collection of inspirational stories from individuals with an acquired brain injury.

“The key thing is that there is thankfully a real positive life after a brain injury and we believe this story will bring hope and inspiration to many people,” said Derek.

Derek was a “mess” after his stroke at the age of 42 and subsequent diagnosis with Aphasia.

He couldn’t communicate, speak, or write but his turning point was joining a choir at Headway, which helped rebuild his speech and confidence.

Headway estimate approximately 30,000 people in Ireland live with an acquired brain injury and every year between 9,000 and 11,000 people sustain a traumatic brain injury.

“There are so many people who have had been impacted by acquired brain injuries – young, middle aged or old, this can happen at any time – and sadly their lives can be turned upside down, often within the blink of an eye,” said Derek in the book’s introduction.

Derek believes the book is important for survivors to have a voice and an “opportunity to be heard and understood”.

“This book is their story, proof that they are more than just survivors. They had to change, to accept and acknowledge the things that they can’t control, but more importantly, they have shown that there is a new and different point of view, that there is life after all.”

The book is €10 and all proceeds go directly to Headway’s services and supports.

Headway’s website is

You can purchase your own copy for €10 plus €4 postage

Or if you prefer you can also have a free copy online 

Download link : Headway Community Rehabilitation Book 

Headway’s main office is

Headway Blackhall Green,

Off Blackhall Place

Dublin 7


1800 400 478

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