Do not delay seeking medical care from GP or emergency department

Do not delay seeking medical care from GP or emergency department

By Mary Dennehy

AN EMERGENCY department consultant at Tallaght University Hospital has moved to reassure people that infection controls measures are in place in EDS – and to not delay seeking treatment if ill.

The Dublin Midlands Hospital Group, which includes Tallaght University Hospital (TUH), has this week issued a message to the community to not delay seeking medical care – whether it be from a GP or emergency department. 

Tallaght University Hospital 1 compressor

Tallaght University Hospital

Some hospital ED attendances are up, with people advised not to delay seeking treatment from a GP if they start to feel unwell.

Trevor O’Callaghan, CEO of Dublin Midlands Hospital Group, said: “Our hospitals are seeing further presentations and admissions to our EDs, and many hospitals are reporting that those admissions are people who are non-Covid and very sick.

“It is so important that people know that if you are feeling particularly unwell, particularly with signs of symptoms of stroke or heart failure that you immediately seek medical advice and attention.

“GPs and GP out-of-hours services are available in the first instance to support you.

“If you have an emergency, please do not delay and attend your nearest Emergency Department. 

“We also want to assure you that extensive work has been undertaken by hospitals to ensure we protect those who are attending for our services and we want to reassure our patient population.”

Dr Jason Carty, Tallaght University emergency department consultant said: “We also want to reassure people that we check patients for symptoms of Covid-19 on arrival.

“After this initial assessment, patients are divided into two separate treatment pathways/tracks i.e. one track for patients with symptoms suggestive of Covid-19 and a separate track for those who require treatment for other urgent conditions.

“This is to ensure proper infection control and to minimise the spread of the virus.”

The message from hospital emergency departments is, if you or someone else needs urgent care please go to your nearest emergency department immediately or dial 999/112 for emergency care.

Do not delay seeking treatment, with EDs prioritising the sickest patients first for treatment, Dr McCarty said.

The HSE is also concerned about people putting off hospital appointments even when the hospital team has contacted them and advised that they need to attend.

Anybody with concerns can contact their hospital team.

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