Don’t fall for the latest Bank of Ireland email scam

Don’t fall for the latest Bank of Ireland email scam

By Aura McMenamin

Bank of Ireland are warning customers not to fall for a phishing scam asking online customers to enter their bank details.

The email, from a third party scammer, asks BOI 356 online customers to ‘sign on’ before an August 2nd deadline or risk losing their account, and provides a link to an external website.

BOI phishing scam collage 31072017

A spokesperson from BOI said: “This is a type of online fraud, is called “phishing”, whereby you receive an e-mail that claims to be from Bank of Ireland or another financial institution asking you to verify or submit confidential personal banking information in an attempt to obtain sensitive information.

“Bank of Ireland never requests that customers give full personal log on in an unsolicited manner, either by phone, e-mail, SMS or online.”

While the phishing link is no longer active, BOI said these emails can be circulated at ‘any time’.

To avoid being phished, BOI instructs customers to never comply with emails that ask for personal information – no matter how genuine they look – and to forward suspected phishing emails to