Donal the DART: Helps Santa Claus deliver his very last present
Children’s books author Ken Doyle

Donal the DART: Helps Santa Claus deliver his very last present

In continuation of the ‘DART Friends’ series of books, Ken Doyle’s new children’s book ‘Donal to the Rescue’ will be published this November, reports London Brazal.

‘Donal to the Rescue’ is the story of how Donal the DART helps Santa Claus deliver his very last present to a little boy on Christmas Eve. Particularly aimed for children of the ages three to eight, it is a standalone book in the series.

Unlike the first book in the series, ‘Donal to the Rescue’ is written entirely in English. Though, Doyle hopes that there will be an interest in the ‘DART Friends’ series that will open up basic Irish language to a wider audience. Sales of book one, ‘Donal the DART’, were phenomenal and the book is still selling well.

Doyle’s projection of the ‘DART Friends’ series of books is set for 10 in total. However, the children’s books author is not  stopping there if the series is successful. His next book in the ‘DART Friends’ series will be published in 2022. The third book will tell the story of how ‘Donal the DART’ is enlisted to work on the DART and railway extension.

Before the 2022 release of book three in the series, Doyle hopes to publish his first children’s picture ghost storybook.

“The book titled ‘OB: The Old Bailey Ghost’ will draw upon my experience of my days spent working inside the Old Bailey [Central Criminal Court, London],” says Doyle.

The book will tell the story of a friendly and happy little ghost who spends his days getting up to mischief inside the court building by moving barrister’s wigs and gowns and creeping up on unsuspecting visitors to the court.

‘Donal to the Rescue’ is currently available for pre-order from Hodges Figgis Ireland, Waterstones, Hatchards Piccadilly and Foyles online bookstores.

The book will be stocked in-store and online on publication by the Railways Preservation Society of Ireland and the West Cork Model Railway Village.

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