Echo Letters: Law and order has broken down in Clondalkin!

Echo Letters: Law and order has broken down in Clondalkin!

Dear Editor,

ANTI-Social behaviour and crime have got out of hand in the Clondalkin area.

I have said it many times, we need guards on the beat. I can’t recall when I saw a guard on the beat – years ago you would see it a lot.

Liscarne Gdns 7 03 October 2016

I believe law and order is sadly lacking in Clondalkin at present, Open drug-dealing and use, illegal dumping, scramblers and quads, robberies, anti-social behaviour etc. are seemingly the accepted norms now in Clondalkin.

I said it during the election campaign and several times since, we need the proper resources and on-the-beat guards and extra community guards to combat the increasing crime. People are just sick of it and see no change anytime soon.

In April I had a motion passed “That this committee calls for a meeting to be called and all interested parties such as South West Safety Forum, local councillors and council official be invited to look at the future for this vital community facility that is St Cuthbert’s Park.”

Now six months later the park is unusable due to stolen and burnt-out cars and scramblers and quads.

It seems some areas, in particular North Clondalkin , Bawnogue and Balgaddy, have been forgotten?

We are now paying the cost of cuts to garda resources and communities are paying the price. People feel unsafe to walk at night, armed robberies to shops, racism and increased anti-social behaviour throughout the Clondalkin area is the price decent law-abiding citizens are paying.

Has the Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald forgotten the people she represents? We need action and we need it now.

Enough is enough! It’s a small few people bringing the area down and causing the area to get a bad name. We need to reclaim back our area. Enough is enough!

I have asked for a meeting with council officials and guards and Eeected representatives urgently.

Go raibh maith agat,
Cllr Francis Timmons,

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