Echo Letters: Pure neglect in Sean Walsh Park

Echo Letters: Pure neglect in Sean Walsh Park

By Echo Reader

Dear Sir,

I was walking through Sean Walsh Park on Monday morning at 11.50am and the attached 3 pictures are what met me – three over-flowing bins in what should be our beautiful flagship park.

I walked from Old Bawn, by the Old Bawn Community School and over the blue bridge to the Square. The three bins are located at the two entrances to the park at the bottom of the hill and at the top just before the entrance to the blue bridge.

Sean Walsh bins September 2016

I returned again at around 1.30pm and they were still the same.

The only explantation I can come up with for the state of the park is pure neglect by South Dublin County Council.

It is extremely disheartening, disappointing and insulting that the local council should treat us in this way.

I will make it my business to check the bins every Monday from now on and if they are over-flowing you will see the pictures in The Echo.

Yours sincerely,

Liz Kennedy, Old Bawn.

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