Echo Letters: ‘Tallaght Mile’ suffering  from neglect

Echo Letters: ‘Tallaght Mile’ suffering from neglect

Dear Editor,

The Dodder River from Tallaght to Ringsend is about 20 miles long.

From Firhouse down to the sea it is nurtured and used for fishing and passive recreation by communities on both sides.


It’s a treasure on our doorstep within a scenically attractive mountain hinterland. The Dodder Anglers Association takes great pride in protecting and promoting it for use by people of all ages.

However the “Tallaght Mile” is inaccessible, because it’s choked by overgrown weeds and shrubbery and untrimmed trees.

It’s just used as a surface drain.

Likewise the public tennis courts in Dodder Park – the only one in Tallaght – is suffering neglect, and the overgrown hedging around it is now a hide for anti-social behaviour.

Over the years many great ideas were presented to South Dublin Co. Council re tourism development – they were either ignored or rejected.

One was for the Millwheel at the Old Bawn Bridge, powered by the river, to generate electricity to supply enough power to light up the river and weir – all paid for by Dublin Tourism. Not alone was the idea presented, but plans and other necessary information was supplied.

This would have created job opportunities and been a great attraction and useful facility to highlight the history of the river.

This project and finance, which was €5 million from Dublin Tourism, could only be handled through South Dublin County Council. They Did Nothing!

The result is this part of our town of Tallaght suffers neglect, which has not happened in any other town or village in South County Dublin.

The contempt towards our responsible community from both officials and elected reps continues.

Perhaps one of them will come forward and explain why so.

At the same time they can perhaps explain why they have more interest and concern in the welfare of a professional League of Ireland soccer club, than facilitating the needs of families who have invested in our town and reared and educated children to a level where they can travel the world. Many have done so and migrated far and wide for work opportunities not available here.

Some may never return home and who can blame them.

Yours sincerely,
Jim Lawlor,
Hon Secretary,
Old Bawn R.A.

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