Echo Letters: Wake up call to combat illegal dumping

Echo Letters: Wake up call to combat illegal dumping

Dear Editor,

THE article by Mary Dennehy (Echo September 8, “We all have to work together to combat illegal dumping on hills”), is a wake up call for all of us.

The fact that the Pure project recently collected 1.6 tonnes of tyres and two tonnes of rubbish from our “scenic hills” is unbelievable.

Dumping Dublin Mountains

I am a native of Bohernabreena and it is personally upsetting to see such vandalism to our hills.

While no doubt there are a small number of repeat offenders that are most responsible, there is in my opinion an attitude among some residents in our constituency, lead by some politicians that inadvertently discourage personal responsibility, by encouraging the principle that others should pay for their waste.

I believe we are all responsible to ensuring that our waste is disposed of legally.

South Dublin County Council is diverting significant funds to clean up the mess that could otherwise be spent on services that would benefit all of us, especially our young people or those waiting for housing.

Let us have a zero tolerance to illegal dumping and those responsible, just as we have had to those who drink alcohol and drive.

Yours sincerely,

Councillor Ronan McMahon
RENUA Ireland
South Dublin County Council,
Dublin 24.

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