Echo Opinion: Could we have more social behaviour?

Echo Opinion: Could we have more social behaviour?

IT POPPED UP on the Facebook feed during Prime Time on Tuesday night. A photo of a fire engine with a smashed passenger side window.

The fire engine was out of action for nearly three hours as a result of the criminal damage. The incident marked the glassy start of the Halloween season.

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Why someone would attack a member of the emergency services who is there to help, not to arrest, prosecute or charge, is beyond belief.

The irony is that the individuals who chucked the stones at the fire engines are usually the ones who will be needing the emergency services assistance.

Anti-social behaviour of all sorts is all too common nowadays and it seems to get worse at Halloween.

Perhaps as a society, we are too accepting that Halloween must be a time for unruly bonfires, terrified pets and mayhem.

In the weeks running up to Halloween it is a common sight to see young teenagers collecting wooden pallets for their local bonfire.

Creating a bonfire is illegal, so why children can be so openly collecting fuel for an illegal activity is something to wonder at.

Just a few weeks ago, The Echo covered the story of a playground in Tallaght that has become a no-go area for children because of gangs of youths are using it to anti-socialise.

In another part of Tallaght, a local community centre is now closing its doors at 5.30pm every day because of problems with anti-social behaviour.

It is not good enough to say that there is nothing for those children and youths who are causing the trouble.

The blame for their behaviour must be laid at the feet of their parents or guardians. They should know where their children are on Halloween night – and every other night.

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