Feel It: In the running for Irish song of the year
Singer songwriter Bobbi Arlo

Feel It: In the running for Irish song of the year

Blessington singer-songwriter Bobbi Arlo’s upbeat, ethereal track ‘Feel It’ is in the running to be crowned Irish Song of the Year at this year’s RTÉ Choice Music Prize – and the winner will ultimately be decided by a public vote.

‘Feel It’ is one of ten songs that have been shortlisted for the prestigious award, and it’s a natural progression for Bobbi as her music has received regular airplay on national radio over the past year.

The 23-year-old performer takes inspiration from American hip-hop star Ravyn Lenae and Haitian-Canadian DJ and producer Kaytranada, when crafting her infectiously catchy songs.

Bobbi told The Echo about her surprise and delight at finding out ‘Feel It’ had been nominated for Irish Song of the Year, and she enthused about what it would mean to her to win the award.

Where were you when you found out ‘Feel It’ had been nominated for the Choice Music Prize and what was your reaction?

I burst into tears and rang the two boys who are my producers, and sobbed down the phone. I could hardly get the words out.

I can’t tell you how hard we’ve worked to get recognition, and to receive it so early in the game…it was something that we just didn’t think was achievable, let alone this year.

I think as an independent Irish artist, to be told your song is potentially one of the best songs in Ireland, it’s mind-blowing.

Did you expect to receive the nomination or was it a complete surprise to you?

It was a complete surprise. It never even entered my head. I saw two radio DJs discussing me and how I should definitely be nominated this year on Twitter, but I took it as a very lovely compliment and not an achievable thing.

Because obviously there’s hundreds of artists that released hundreds of songs that did well last year.

What makes me any different? I still haven’t processed it yet, and I don’t think I actually can.

How did you feel when you wrote ‘Feel It’ and what response has it received from your fans?

I knew ‘Feel It’ was special. We all did. That’s why we put so much work and graft into it. It was something that just burst out of us.

We can never find the words to explain it but it was just an ‘ah-ha’ moment, and it was finished and being mastered and sent to streaming sites before we knew it.

The reaction was enormous and very sudden, which scared the life out of me!

It feels like overnight I was just rocketed into the music scene, and I think everyone else feels that too, because everyone’s reaction to me still is, ‘Where did she come from and how are the tunes that good?’

What would it mean to you if ‘Feel It’ won Song of the Year at the Choice Music Prize?

Just to be nominated alone is something I will not forget. For me, it signifies that I’m on the right track and that all my hard work and sacrifice hasn’t gone to waste.

Maybe I’m worth more than how I view myself and my music. Winning the award, I think, would change my life for the better, and how much success I think I can achieve.

I also think for my team it would be a gift I could give back to them, because I wouldn’t be here without them and I certainly wouldn’t be nominated for this award without them.

I say it all the time but Bobbi Arlo is much more than just myself. I am the product of my team’s incredibly hard work, and for me to win would be a win for all of us.

To vote for Bobbi Arlo’s ‘Feel It’ to win Irish Song of the Year, visit rte.ie/2fm.

Voting closes at 12am on Sunday, February 27. Bobbi’s music is available on all streaming platforms.

You can keep up-to-date with her output by following her on Twitter and Instagram, @bobbi_arlo.

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