Food delivery company enjoying whirlwind time

Food delivery company enjoying whirlwind time

By Maurice Garvey

TALLAGHT food delivery business Buymie has enjoyed a “whirlwind” time during Covid-19.

The restrictions on movement for the general public have put the company in a “unique position in what has fast become an essential service”, according to Devan Hughes, CEO & Co-founder of Buymie.

Lidl Buymie 1 compressor

Alan Stewart, Head of E-Commerce at Lidl alongside Devan Hughes, CEO & Co-founder of Buymie

Based in Bancroft Hall, Buymie provide online shopping deliveries via a mobile App, that can be downloaded free on iOS or Android devices, and allows users to order from Buymie’s retail partners Tesco and Lidl.

It is a similar model to that which Deliveroo has devised for the restaurant trade.

Speaking to Ivan Yates on Newstalk last week, Mr Hughes said customers can order online, whereupon a personal Buymie shopper will pick, package and pay for the items in store, and deliver directly to your house.

“They can place whatever items they want in their basket, pay a delivery fee and a platform fee, and that’s essentially it,” he said.

With regard to delivery costs, Mr Hughes say the service is based on primarily where you shop as different grocers have different prices.

“Delivery is a standard €4.99 charge for all baskets, whether you order for tomorrow or whether you order for an hours time. We also provide a membership programme, similar to a Buymie plus subscription, customers can pay monthly or annual, and they can get free delivery on baskets above €40, so they don’t have to pay the €4.99 delivery fee in that instance.”

The cost ranges from 13.75 per cent to 15.75 per cent of the commission, according to Hughes.

“We are an independent, not a grocer or retailer. We provide all the technology and infrastructure to allow customers to place orders and have them delivered same day, which is where our sweet spot is with the market. We were the first company to bring the discount platform online in Europe.”

From online channels, Hughes found customers to be “far more loyal to their retailer of choice and far less promiscuous than they would be in the physical environment.”

Buymie employ 22 full-time staff and over 250 shoppers.

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